For Legal Professionals – Our network offers our legal service providers flexible, legal engagement services. Legal professionals can contribute to our content library and interact with prospective clients through our user generated content like attorney Q&A;, video conferencing, forums and live chat. Whether technologically advanced or novice, we enable legal professionals to market their services and gain more exposure to potential clients.

For Members – We bring legal accessibility to our members. Our users have access to our attorney network and portal includes videos, podcasts, interviews, forums, templates, Q&A;, interactive guides and more.

  • Life touches all aspects of the legal system, the complexities and inefficiencies of the legal system makes planning difficult and expensive, during life and beyond. When unexpected events arise, individuals are thrown into a chaotic environment. Without proper knowledge, experience and preparation, our partners, friends and family are often left to pick up the pieces and are negatively impacted both financially and emotionally. We assist users by a system that provides recommendations based on the specific set of circumstances one is facing in their life cycle. By combining user data, data records, supporting documents and prior legal matters, we take a forward- looking approach that is focused on readiness and being prepared for what life. This often results in reduced stress and anxiety, less time wasted away from family, fewer mistakes made, reduced cost and ultimately improving the quality of life for our users and their loved ones.